1. I wish to request a quote. How I can proceed?

Contact us by phone 983 23 70 34 or via our email comercial@puertascaren.com, and our staff will advise on the product that best suits your necesidades.Puede give us rough measurements and formulate a budget guideline, or if they want our technicians will come to the installation site to assess conditions and discuss personal characteristics each option.

All our estimates are made freely and without obligation.

2. I have a fault on my door and security shutters. What I can do?

We have a specialized technical service can provide a solution to your fault, if you wish by prior budget. We repair brands of doors and engines.

In the section Technical Service More information about our service during business hours and attention to the public 24 hours.

3. “I can hire a maintenance for my doors?

All of the doors and shutters, both manual and motorized, must undergo periodic reviews to ensure proper functioning and durable.

In CAREN we provide different models of maintenance contracts that will meet your needs and characteristics of their closures. Ask for a quote.

4. My power door or shutter does not open. “I can open it manually?

If you have interrupted the supply of electric power or there has been an engine failure, most systems remain locked his door or shutter, preventing it can be opened from the outside.

See section Technical Documentation in Downloads, where you can find the necessary information on the method for unlocking the most common engines (under construction).

If the problem persists after power is restored, please contact our Technical Service.

5. My remote does not work correctly. Is it broken?

Remote controls can not work in a timely manner if they are in the catchment area of a frequency inhibitor. Inhibitors that interfere more frequently with the controls for doors and shutters are those located in government vehicles and some cranes.

If pressing a button the LED does not react, may have exhausted the battery. Proceed to change, taking on a new in any electrical store.

If you’ve verified that this is not the cause of the malfunction, and pressing the button the indicator lights correctly, may have damaged the controller. Please contact us and inform you of the price of a new remote and the discount for the redemption of a failed command.

See section Technical Documentation in Downloads, where you can find the necessary information on the method for programming the most common control (under construction).


If the door did not act when you use the magnetic key or remote control, review them, as they may be mis-coded or need to charge the battery in the remote control.
If for other reasons (LACK OF POWER, MALFUNCTION IN THE TABLE, ETC.) USE THE DOOR LIKE MANUAL, unlock the engine. To do this, read the instructions below:

To move the door manually, turn the screw one full turn RELEASE LEFT. And RESET FOR DOOR TO WORK WITH THE MOTOR, TURN THE SCREW COUNTER RELEASE IN (CW) until it stops.